Home Repair Services by Casa Castro Services

Home Repair Services

Casa Castro Services provides a suite of services so that you can get your renovations, fixes, and improvements completed in and around your home. We carry out repairs and maintenance for individuals and business home owners in a quickly and professionally manner throughout the Netherlands, Spain, and South America. Contact us for good service, expert advice, and very competitive prices.

What we can do for you:
- Painting inside and outside
- Stucco on all surfaces
- Sanitary and heating
- Roof replacement and repairs
- Replacement of glass
- Repair of home appliances
- Renew kitchen
- Repair/Replace Siding
- Insulating the floor
- Bathroom tiling
- Toilet and Tub Replacement
- High-pressure cleaning patios

Home Cleaning Services by Casa Castro Services

Home Cleaning Services

Nothing is better than coming home to a clean house! Casa Castro ensures that it is cleaned in and around your house in a professional manner, with special appliances and cleaning products.

Casa Castro Services only works with professional cleaners who have experience, good references, and an attractive hourly rate. We use the same method, control, and quality throughout the Netherlands, Spain, and South America.

You specify what you want to be cleaned: for example, only the kitchen, or a thorough cleaning of your house after a renovation, a deep house cleaning before your baby is born, or before you return from holiday, or occasionally clean windows: your choice.

Contact us, tell us about your wishes, and we will ensure you get home quickly in a perfectly cleaned home.

Cleaning Commercial Premises by Casa Castro Services

Cleaning Commercial Premises

Your business premises gives the first impression when your customers come to visit you. We can make sure that your business premises has a representative look.
Casa Castro Services cleans your property from inside and out, in a fast and professional manner. Not only your customers will have a positive impression of your business, but your employees will also find it a pleasure to work in a clean and fresh environment.

Our experienced cleaners work with the latest resources, professional materials and have an attractive hourly rate. Contact us and we will ensure that your business premises or office gets perfectly clean at times most convenient to you.
Some of our cleaning activities:
- Cleaning offices
- Cleaning lifts/stairwells
- Cleaning shops
- Cleaning of solar panels

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